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Neil GarnerPresenter

Neil Garner

About Neil garner’s Saturday Night Party
Between 10pm and midnight each Saturday night the most controversial show on liver radio and the biggest scouser Saturday night radio show on the internet is on the air.
It’s big and loud and in your face and we have something for everyone. WWe ease you in gently with some of the best party tunes with a sprinkle of some cheese like all good party’s do.
But by the time we hit 11 it full on club mayhem as I go in the mix and give you some of the biggest tracks from yesteryear and today from the clubs of Liverpool and the world.
Let them in your street know you’re listening to Mersey Radio and spread the word.
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes that’s a year. So spend 120 of them with me.

About Mersey Radio Sports
Between 8pm and 10 pm each Monday night we go through all the news and the results from local sports to the major sports from all over the world.
You may think it’s just me shouting my mouth off but it’s much more than that as I have played sports at the top level and had a been talking about sports for many years.
So if you love sport and want to know more about new sports join me every Monday at 8pm.