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David Thompson’s Review of Threshold Festival 2015

Threshold is most definitely not your usual kind of festival but it certainly offers an unparalleled experience.

Festival Founders by Gabi Davidson.


The weekend was kicked off on the Friday with the launch event in the quirky surroundings of Unit 51 which made the performances with the acts in that venue feel intimate which meant that you could really appreciate the excellent talent which was on stage.


After a brief and inspiring word from the festival founders Lyons and La Zel started off the acts for the weekend, I can’t find any other words but amazing and unique to describe their performance with James beat boxing and playing the guitar and La Zel’s wonderful vocals above it singing in both French and English.


Little Sparrow by Gabi Davidson.


The opening act for me, really summed up what Threshold festival is about and I could of went home quite content after seeing their act, but Threshold had so much more to offer.


Many more wonderful acts followed that night of all different genres in Unit 51 and across 6 other unique venues including 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool Craft Beer Stage, Lantern Theatre, District, Constellations and the Observatory. I am not going to discuss them all individually but each venue was truly different form the other with different types of music and very different atmospheres. Threshold was not just a festival about music it is a festival about experience since when you went into each venue you could really tell that you had entered a completely different zone.


The art massively contributed to this feeling since there was a number of amazing art pieces on show in the gallery. I use the word Gallery because thats what the function of the space was but it is far from any conventional art gallery you will ever go to. The gallery just next to the Liverpool Craft Beer stage had a definite spooky feel to it, it was such a contrast stepping out from the loud music with people bouncing up on down into near silent rooms with very unique art.


For me, Threshold festival allowed me to discover to genres of music which I would never have heard if I hadn’t of been there during the weekend and it opened my eyes to appreciate artwork which in other situations I would of completely overlooked.


Over the duration of the weekend there was an unbelievable amount of Liverpool’s best artists from young to old and some of the most talented and bizarre acts I have ever seen. The weekend has made me very excited for what next years Threshold Festival is going to offer!


Go and have a look at the Threshold 2015 lineup on the website and have listen to the excellent artists which performed!